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The local VFW POST 9107 continues to support the local youth and community and have donated over $10,500 to the

Southern Indiana Sports Recreation and Youth Center!


I get asked once or twice a week mostly from kids about when the center will open.  Every time this happens I get more and more excited about the opportunities that SISRYC is going to provide the kids and adults of our local communities. 

SISRYC will give our kids a safe place to go and get them off the streets.  It will also give them something to do that is educational and active instead of drugs, alcohol and committing petty crimes.  It will be a learning center for all, a place for our seniors to become more active and stay healthy, it will provide services in areas of need for those who need it and provide an economic boost to our surrounding communities and southern Indiana! 

We are vigorously working behind the scenes on funding to open the Center in 2015!  A lot of prep work has been done by our Board of Directors since we started.  A slew of companies and contractors have put in time to get us estimates on the work needed to create SISRYC and they too are excited about the opportunity! It’s takes a great deal of time and resources to get it done. I want our communities to know that this is big project, an important project and a much needed project. Everyone wins with this and I mean everyone. 

Donations can be made at any Hoosier Hills Credit Union or by mail.  Be watching for upcoming events this spring and get out there and help make it happen! 

Thank You!

Chris Blackmore

SISRYC Board President

Thank You!

Thank you to S.A. Taylor, Randy and Debbie Beeler for your donation to SISRYC!

(812) 865-2280

(812) 849-4200

(281) 734-8966

(812) 849-3530

Mitchell Lions Club

The Mitchell Lions club and The Mitchell VFW Post 9107 were presented with "Making a Difference" plaques at our February meeting.  We appreciate their continued support of our mission!


"Supporting our local youth and communty"

Thank you to Roger's Group for your Sponsorship!